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Many people think that traveling is very expensive, and while this may be true, if you expect five-star hotels and luxury cruises, it’s usually an illusion. In some countries around the world, thanks to the low cost of living and (in some cases) the strength of the US dollar, you can travel on a very small budget.

Traveling cheaply is not for everyone and often means you have to make sacrifices, but choosing the right place to visit is the key to success. Here are seven countries where you can travel from $ 50 per day or less. (Are you ready to go a little further?) Discover Few incredible international destinations that will not cost you a fortune.


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Fly To Mexico ​​

For many, the mention of Mexico is reminiscent of palm-lined beaches and large beach resorts for those who seek the sun. Although this side of Mexico exists, there is much more interest in this country, from its rich history to its celestial cuisine (the latter was classified by UNESCO as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity). There is also an amazing amount of wild animals that do not have the recognition they deserve: black bears, flamingos, crocodiles and various marine species.

The hotel rooms are available from 75 cents per night. The food in a cheap restaurant will cost around $ 10, and the national beer, up to $ 2.38.

Money-saving tips: Avoid popular and more expensive coastal areas. Travel inland to cities like Guanajuato and Valladolid. 

Fly To Bolivia​​

Bolivia is often neglected as a tourist destination for South American neighbours such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. It’s a shame because this diverse country shares with him some of the most impressive landscapes of the continent at lower prices. Areas of the Andean mountains, the Amazon rainforest and Lake Titicaca, as well as the jewel of the Salar coronation of Uyuni, the largest salt mine in the world.

Rooms at the inn are available for as little as $ 10 per night. Lunch at a cheap restaurant costs $ 6.50, and a pint of national beer costs $ 3.10.

Money-Saving Tip: Dine at local markets, where special two-course dishes are offered at incredible prices.

Fly To Ukraine

Being the second largest country in Europe, Ukraine is one of the least visited countries, but it can also be difficult to get there. English is not widely spoken, and Cyrillic means that it is impossible to extract the meaning of a written language.

It is also important to know that Ukraine has a recent unstable history and this part remains closed to visitors due to ongoing political disputes with neighbouring Russia. However, with a little effort, you will discover a charming country, rich in tradition and warmth.

Hotel rooms are available from $ 4.09 per night. The food in a cheap restaurant will cost $ 4.84 and the national beer, 99 cents.

Save money: use night trains for long trips. They are cheap and save your overnight stay. 

Fly To Egypt

Egypt is famous for hosting the Great Pyramids of Giza, built to perpetuate the pharaohs that reigned over these lands more than 5,000 years ago. It is said to be the cradle of Western civilization, making it an ideal location for history buffs and intrepid explorers. Being on the border between North Africa and the Middle East gives the country a unique and remarkable combination of two very different cultures.

Rooms at the inn are available from $ 3.21 a night. Lunch in a cheap restaurant will cost $ 4.04 and house beer, $ 2.19. 

Offer to save: look at the booking process, there are many companies that offer very similar things at completely different prices.

Fly To China

China is a country of great contrasts. Ancient history meets advanced modernity; “Small” cities house millions of people, and the landscapes vary from arid deserts to the frozen city of Harbin. With its huge size and a population of over 1.3 billion people, this amazing country has so many possibilities for exploration that it can be overwhelming.

But China is also very affordable for travelers from the United States and other countries with strong currencies.

The hostel is available at the US $ 3.93 per night. Food in a cheap restaurant will cost $ 3.95 and a national beer can cost (0.9 litres of beer) 99 cents.

Experience in small cities in China, you can buy a large beer in the grocery store for only 50 cents and take it to almost any restaurant without a doubt. Sometimes, the staff even keeps them in the fridge and opens them for you.

Tips to save money: spend less time in big cities, where costs, especially housing, are higher. 

Fly To Thailand

Thailand is a paradise for tourists. Its mix of beautiful tropical bars, bustling cities, delicious food and vibrant nightlife has led to its explosion in recent decades. Despite such an increase in visitor numbers, prices in Thailand remain extremely low and remain one of the cheapest countries to visit in all of Southeast Asia.

Hostel beds are available for only $ 2.47 per night. Private double rooms for only $ 100 per night. Lunch in a cheap restaurant will cost $ 2.77 and a pint of homemade beer will do the same.

Tips for Saving Money: Enjoy amazing street food in Thailand. It is recognized as one of the best in the world, as well as one of the cheapest, with dishes that cost only $ 1


Fly To India

Spirituality, wildlife, chaos, colour and emotion are found in this vast and sometimes confusing country. All your senses will be mobilized when you make your way through India and try to make sense of what a truly unique country really is. Although sometimes it can be impressive, the countryside is as calm and quiet as the main cities.

Rooms are available from the US $ 3.16 per night. Lunch at a cheap restaurant will cost $ 3.33, and you can get a pint of national beer for just $ 2.55.

The best advice to save money: always haggle for everything. The initial price shown is likely to be very high, but it does not match the price you pay.

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